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Vaginal Creampie CollectionI couldn't find my voice. She was absolutely right that was exactly what I was about to do. I started to get up.

"Do you like looking at my body? I see you staring at my pussy. Too bad its all covered up huh? How about I take you up to my room and show vaginal creampie to you?"

"Uh Oh OK", I finally managed to stammer.

I followed the most stunning ass I have ever set eyes on, up to her room. My boner was sticking straight up on my shorts. I made not attempt what so ever to conceal it. Anyone I passed could see it. It wasn't big but it was obvious.

She sat on the bed, spread her legs wide open with no modesty what so ever.

Preparing For Vaginal Creampie"Come here and kneel between my legs baby" She purred.

I was now facing her bikini-clad pussy. With her legs so far apart I could see the white skin where she hadn't tanned. Little stubbles of shaved hair were visible. Her pussy lips were clearly outlined by the tight suit.

"Come a little closer and give my pussy a kiss"

I leaned in and could clearly smell her pussy. It was intoxicating. I put my lips on her suit directly on top of her pussy. My eyes looked up over her massive breasts and into her eyes. She was smiling down at me. I felt small with her above me like that. I started kissing her mound more as I kneeled there.

Eating Vaginal Creampie"Would you like me to take off my suit? Would you like to eat my vaginal creampie? I'd like that. My pussy is sore from the pounding I just got. Oh yeah and its full of cum. I can still feel vaginal creampie inside of me. You wouldn't mind that would you? Hmmm"

I shook my head in agreement. She stood up and peeled her suit off and then resumed her position. I was now staring at a hairy engorged pussy. She had a nice amount of black hair. Her lips were red and puffy. Her pussy looked angry. It was all wet and I could feel the heat pouring off of it.

She reached out and put her hands on the back of my head.

"Here you go little boy. Eat my vaginal creampie. I need to feel a soft tongue on me."

With that she pulled my face into her twat. The smell was over powering. I started licking and eating her pussy. She was soaking wet and getting wetter.

"Oh yeah feel how wet I am. Go on eat me out. Get your tongue in there and find all that vaginal creampie. Come on little boy!"

I went wild. She started gushing fluid as both hers and his cum started flowing out of her pussy. I lapped it up like a devoted puppy. It was incredible. I stayed like that for a good 45 minutes. Until finally she pulled my face from her sopping wet pussy.

"Very nice. Now I want you to suckle my clit like a little baby"

She pushed me back onto her pussy with a sloppy squish as my cream coated face came back in contact with the wet mess. I find her clit and started nursing it just like she asked. She just lay back on the bed, hooked her legs over my shoulders and allowed me to go to work on her clit for at least an hour.

Sloppy Vaginal CreampieMy mouth was exhausted. My lips and tongue were worn out but I absolutely loved it. It was a total dream come true.

"Ok honey it's time for my orgasm"

She grabbed the back of my head and held my face tight up against her pussy. By now she had leaked so much cum that her entire crouch was slippery wet. Her hand kept my face stationary while she started grinding her pussy up and down and around my face. She coated my face from my eyebrows to my chin with her wet pussy. She used my nose to agitate her clit. My entire face became her fuck toy. She was rough and aggressive and quickly came all over my face.

"Oh Yes! How I love to use little boys! There is nothing better than getting a good fucking from a real man, and then abusing some unsuspecting loser boy into eating my vaginal creampie. You can leave now. Go on back down to the pool and finish playing with yourself"

She started laughing as I left. I didn't bother to clean my face and went straight to my room and jerked off.


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